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On this page, we will discuss the basic guidelines and equipment needed for most Ghost Hunts. Please adhere to these rules as there is much experience behind them which can save you time, money, and mistakes.

The first thing you will need to do is to make sure you have the right or permissionto examine an area you believe to contain Spirit Energies. If camping is going to beinvolved, you might need to get fire permits for building campfires, or permits to post tents, etc. Being caught without these permits can be costly and WILL ruinyour reputation as a professional. This is not a good thing if you are just starting outand wish to become a respected expert in this field of study.

NEVER go on ANY Ghost Hunt alone. Always have a partner with you. This can give you a feeling of extra security when odd things start to happen, such as Spirit Manifestations. And it can also come in handy if you need assistance in yourexamination or in case of needed medical attention. A PARTNER IS ANABSOLUTE RULE !! !

Once the location and permits have been established, you will need to do a daylightsearch of the area you intend to examine. This will help you navigate the area moresafely when the light has diminished during the examination. Prime times forHuman Spirit Manifestations will be between 6pm and 9pm. For Malevolent Inhuman Spirit manifestations, the prime times are between 2am and 6am with 3:30am being absolute prime.

Set up a base camp which is not within the area of inspection. This is where you will store your equipment, food, clothing, etc. This is also where you will be able to rest,talk, and discuss your findings without contaminating you examination area, orchasing off Spirits because of noisy activity. But don't make it too far from the examination area. You will find yourself needing to return to your base camp quiteoften for new batteries, film, tape, etc.

If you are examining a house or building, you may use one of the rooms of thedwelling as a base. However, if there is Spirit Energies throughout the building, you might be contaminating the room you choose. So, we suggest using a tent ,trailer, or motor home outside the examination area.

Keep at least two working flashlights with you at all times. You will need this a lotas you find yourself continually working in darkness or darkened areas. SpiritEnergy seems to effect anything electrical, so the extra flashlight might save yousome stressful times if the area energies knock out your first flashlight. You mightalso consider carrying a small oil lamp in case no electrical items work properly.We usually discourage the use of such items as the dangers of "fire" items is extreme. A small bump, or dropping of a "fire" item can lead to serious disasters. So only use lamps with extreme caution. Beginners, DO NOT use ANY "fire"items. You are not prepared for frightening Spirit Manifestations and are more susceptible to being scared and dropping or knocking over "fire" items.

Another absolute piece of equipment you will ALWAYS need on your person is official ID. Drivers license or State ID is needed. If you are too young to have these items, then you are too young to be alone in this examination. Get someone to come with you who is legally an adult according to law and has proper ID in case patrolsask what you are doing. Remember, although you should always carry your Paranormal Investigator license and ID, this is not a government ID and is notalways recognized by officials. Only state and federal ID is acceptable as an official document recognized by U.S. Authorities.

For success in your Paranormal examination, you must remain still, absolutelyquiet, for one hour before and after dusk. This is a prime time for Spirit Manifestations to begin. This stillness is an ABSOLUTE RULE !!! Don't even whisper. Any unnecessary activity can cause Spirits to find more suitable, quiet,undisturbed areas to visit that night.

Wait until you have arrived at the examination site before you load film, audio, andvideo tapes. If you do this beforehand, you will find many of those you present yourinformation to will scoff at your findings, claiming that you could have contaminated the film or tapes before you got to the examination area. Yes, skeptics will be thatpicky. In addition, preparing for your examination in the examination area will allow the Spirits to see what your intentions might be, and they will be more willing to cooperate, if that is their demeanor.

ALWAYS keep your log book with you at all times. Without it, you cannot keep anaccurate record of every noise, movement, or manifestation. This log book is your proof of the existence of Spirits. Without it, you have nothing. And no person will take you seriously if you don't keep accurate records of EVERYTHING.

If you do see a Spirit Manifestation or an Image, do not panic. Remain still.Control your breathing. And begin to record everything about the experience.Record in your log book what the image or manifestation does, when it started, howlong it lasted, when it stopped, what it says, what noises you heard during themanifestation, etc. Write everything you feel, say, think, hear, smell, and do. Make note of everything it does, says, how it looks, how it is dressed, etc. This is whatmakes you believable when you present your records for scrutiny. If these recordsare incomplete or sloppy, your reputation is damaged and you will not be taken seriously.

Do not approach manifestations unless you are willing to take the chance of them disappearing on you. Most images fade when approached. Try mapping thedirection of any manifestation movement also include notes of its movement rate,direction, and duration. Make note of height, shape, colors, and density of themanifestation. And take as many photos as possible, including video. Did wemention to turn on an audio recorders. This is where having a partner really paysoff.

If you have partners, have them likewise record the event in every way possible.They too must have Log books to help verify your findings and experiences. With out them, its just your imagination and singular voice according to skeptics.

Make sure you have your audio recorder on at all times. Note any noises you hearduring your examination, including non spirit ones. Make note of the time you heard it. When you later are listening to your recordings and you hear a noise, checkyour log book for the time you heard that noise. This will help verify you audiofindings when it is also logged in your book. Are you now beginning to see the importance of your log book ?

If you believe objects in the area will be moved by Spirits, or if you have set up an examination in which you hope an item will be moved by Spirits, then remember toplace a chalk circle around the item. If it is moved, then trace a line from where theitem was to where it is now located. Remember to log the time of the activity, howfar it traveled, how long it took to travel, and tally heat recordings or other manifestations that took place in the area of the activity. Again, you must remember to log every activity you encounter. Keep the cameras, audio recorders, and videoactive at all times.

If strangers,happen upon your research area, be as polite as possible to them.Inform them that you are involved in a very important research project and askthem it they would mind moving on. Under no circumstances are they to assist youin any way. This field is for trained personnel only. Bringing in new energies fromcurious, or skeptic persons will definitely ruin your chances for a successful hunt.Spirits may not like new energies which may seem malevolent to them.

Remember to check your equipment continually throughout the project. Spirits havea tendency to make electronic equipment malfunction. Unfortunately, there is no remedy for this. Make a note of it in your log book and keep monitoring as you can.

When you are finished with the examination area, be sure to thank the Spirits for their cooperation, even if there didn't seem to be any. If you decide to return to this area for further research, they may be more willing to help in your studies.

When you are ready to develop your film, make sure to have it done at a reputable commercial business. Doing your own developing will mean your photo research means nothing to the scientific world and skeptics (The are the same.. aren't they?) Commercial development of film means they cannot call you a photo-manipulator who is out to trick an unsuspecting public. Commercial development techniques can be checked and verified for malfunction. Tell the developer to be sure to return all negatives and pictures, including ones that seem imperfect. What they might thinkis bad lighting, dim picture, out of focus, etc., might be evidence to you. Developers don't know what to look for you do. Remember, you must protect your reputation and prove your findings.

DO NOT throw out any evidence, recordings, or findings. Keep everything, no matter how insignificant the items may seem. These are permanent and are to bekept locked in a secure place. DO NOT LOSE ANY OF IT!!!

Watch the countless hours of video. Listen to all of your audio recordings. This iswhere a large speaker, such as those found on kareoke machines, comes in handy.Then look through all your hundreds of pictures taken. Be sure to make notationswhere photos, sounds, and images match your log book entries. Make note ofmatches, times, etc.

These are the basic rules of any True Ghost Hunter.

Below is a complete list of items NEEDED for your basic Hunt.

I. (2) Flashlights. These should be standard two-cell or better. You need a secondflashlight in case the first one stops working properly.

2. (I) Large Note Book or Log Book. This items is the most important item you carry .You will be logging all activity , noises, movements, etc. If you do it, or spiritsdo it, you must log it. This is where your evidence lies. Without it, you WILL NOTbe taken seriously, even by amateur Ghost Hunters.

3. Several Pens and Pencils. We suggest at least five of each. You don't want to runout of these when you need them. And they are always breaking or running out ofink.

4. (5) Large Zip Lock style storage bags. This will hold your evidence. Make sure you keep them clean before you use them. Any contamination can leave your captured evidence useless as proof of your findings. Skeptics will be looking forfaults. Do not open any container boxes before you are ready to use them at the examination site.

5. (1) Large Stick of Chalk. In buildings, you will use this to mark directions you take, mark areas and directions apparitions take, etc.

6. (1) Non-Electronic Compass. This helps you keep track of directions you take plus directions taken by apparitions or moving objects.

7. (1) Mercury Thermometer. DO NOT USE A DIGITAL THERMOMETER!!! Unless it is a In fAred thermometer.Remember, electronics often malfunction around Spirit Energy. Therefore, torecord true temperature changes, you will need a Mercury Thermometer. If some uncontrollable urge comes over you that you absolutely must use a digital thermometer, then be sure to use a mercury thermometer with it to verify itsfindings.

8. (I) Watch. You will need to keep track of time throughout your examination. Tryto get a NON-DIGITAL watch with a sweeping second hand. Digital equipment maymalfunction due to local Spirit Activity .

9. (I) Stop Watch. You will need this item to record exact duration of Spirit activity.

10. (1) Digital Camera. This item seems to be more successful at capturing Spirit Phenomena and quickly pays for itself in photo development savings. We suggest purchasing a Sony Mavica FD71 or 91. However, any good camera will do just fine. Make sure you get one that holds at least 75 pictures before downloads are needed.Digital cameras should have at least a resolution of 640X480 or better. Storagecapacity should be at least 2mb. Take extra power packs, batteries, and flash ordigital memory cards.

II. (I) 35mm Camera. This item has captured images of Spirit Phenomena formany decades now, and should not be left out of any examination or Hunt. Use Polaroid film for best results; ASA400, color or black & white. You can use a fasterfilm for faster light absorption, but the grain of the film makes details less likely.Spots could be mistaken for orbs, which of course, they are not. Make sure youhave a flash for the camera as Spirit Photos usually require them, the exception being when facing MIS. MIS will emit a light effect without the use of flash photography. Use a wide angle lens to capture as much area within your view as possible. 28mm is suggested. Always carry lens cleaning wipes without solvents, assolvents may leave a residue other will claim make the images you might capture on film. Lens cleaning cloths do not leave lint behind, which can also be mistaken asSpirit Orbs in photographs. DO NOT use paper products to clean lenses.

12. (3) Tripods. These are needed for your video camera, digital camera, and 35mm cameras. These will keep your pictures steady... very important for clear evidence via visuals.

13. (I) Video Camera. More and more Spirit Phenomena is being caught on video.It is as important, if not more, than still photography. From it, you can learn themovement of Spirit orbs and activity.

14. (I )Audio Recorder. You will need at least one good one. We suggest the use of a karaoke machine, because of its large speaker. This helps greatly when you are listening to hours of audio recordings trying to hear some message from the Spirit Realm. You must have a very sensitive microphone. This is needed to pick up the smallest sound, even from other rooms nearby. You can find very nice ones at your local Radio Shack for around US $70.00. Be sure to place a wind cover on the mike to avoid picking up the rattling pound of wind noise. Use metal grade tapes. These will not stretch or break easily as oxide tapes tend to do. Skeptics can't claim that noisesheard are from stretched tapes when metal is used.

15. (I) Inexpensive Audio Recorder. This is used for backup of your larger recorder. Remember, these electronic items can go on the fritz when confronted with Spirit Energy. So remember to always have a back up of an electronicequipment.

16. (I) ElectroMagnetic Frequency/Radiation Meter ( EMF Meter). SpiritEnergies consist of ElectoMagnetic Frequencies which can be read on these meters.EMF meters have a usual dependable range of about 5 feet directly in front of thedevice. Use sweeping movements, slowly, to get best readings. A good reading for Spirit energy is from 0.9 to about 2.5. Anything above that should be located.Higher readings usually are from large appliances or electrical outlets. Lower readings can be from small static energies in the air, human energy or static in the carpet. Using a slow sweeping motion in detection can pinpoint the energy source.Spirit Energies are often found in an oblong shape, similar to a football. Remember to log every reading and location you receive. Make a map of areas examined.

17. Last but not least, be absolutely sure to bring enough film, audio tapes, videotapes, digital camera disks, and more batteries than you could ever think you need,to your examination. You DO NOT want to run out of any of these items. Try to bring enough to last at least 24 continuous hours.For a more extended, outdoor examination or hunt. You will need these additional items.

I. (I) Cellular Phone. This item is useful when needing to make an emergency callor when long distance communication is needed from a wilderness location. However, do not use it unnecessarily. Spirits and radio waves don't work welltogether .

2. (I) First Aid Kit. Make sure it contains plenty of bandages, ointments, creams,lotions, scissors, medical tape, gauze pads, eye wash, and insect repellent.

3. Plenty of clothing, two changes per day, for climate and conditions of the area tobe examined.

4. Plenty of light weight, yet nourishing food. If you are going to be on a campingexcursion, make sure you have at least three full meals worth of food per day. Ifrationing becomes necessary this could then be used more sparingly. Freeze driedfood is a good idea if plenty of water is also brought.

5. Bring Plenty of Water .There is no more important item to bring than water.Even if you know there is a water source near the examination area the watermight be contaminated. Use water you are sure about. Bring at least one gallon perday of examination.

This pretty much completes the basic list for Ghost Hunters. Of course, you can increasethe number of items listed to suit your needs. But, we suggest that you use at the veryleast, the items we've listed here.

Remember to use your best professional appearance and demeanor when you do yourGhost Hunting. Follow the rules!!!!!!!