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Ectoplasm forming out of ground

Ectoplasm on Charles Collins Tomb

Ectoplasm but look at figure forming on right side

Ectoplasm with full formed figure

Ectoplasm in form of Angel with Orbs

Ectoplasm in form of horse with what looks like Angel Riding

Ectoplasm around headstone

Ectoplasm forming a head

Ectoplasm forming on Charles Collins Tomb

Ectoplasm forming on side of Collins Tomb


Womans face to right side of Monument above flat stone, also phantom stone appears

Man wearing suspenders holding baby on chest to left of monument

Man wearing suspenders holding baby on chest to left of monument, blown up

Angel Ectoplasm at Monument

Ectoplasm forming (see next 2 pics also)

This what formed from pic above, we think it engulfed the camera

Another pic of above

Collins Tomb with Orbs


Ectoplasm and Orbs on Collins Tomb



Ectoplasm forming on Monument

Apparition forming on Monument

Vortex at Monument

Apparition to left of center monument, Crispy Critter

Apparition of Man Walking

Peak of Charles Collins Tomb as it normally looks

What we believe to be the head of Charles Collins in peak of his tomb

Charles Collins face a closer shot of same pic

These are under Charles Collins chin in last shot

This is actual picture of Charles Collins from library

We will be adding more pics soon as we can.