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If you would like us to consider investigating Paranormal Activity at your location, please fill out the form below and send it to us, we will then evaluate it and contact you. All questions must be answered and answered honestly...Thanks!!

1) Your Name:

2) Email Address:

3) Your Address:

4) City:

5) State or Province:

6) Zip:

7) Phone Number:

6) How Many Occupants at Location:

9) Occupants Names and Ages:

10) Occupants Occupations:

11) Occupants Religious Beliefs:

12) Time of Occupancy at Location:

13) Age of Site:

14) How many Previous Owners if known:

15) History of Site(tradgedies, deaths, previous complaints):

16) How Many Rooms at Site:

17) Has the Location been Blessed:

18) Has there been any Recent Remodeling:

19) Any Occupants on Medication:

20) Any Occupants using Illegal Drugs:

21) Any Occupants drink Alcohol Heavily:

22) Any Occupants interested in the Occult (ouija, seances, psychics, spells):

23) Any Occupants currently seeing Psychiatrist:

24) Have any Religous Clergy been Consulted:

25) Has there been any Media Involvement:

26) Have there been any othe Witnesses besides the Occupants:

27) Have there been any odors (perfumes, flowers, sulfer, excreetment):

28) Have there been any Sounds (footsteps, knocks, banging):

29) Have there been any voices (whispers, yelling, crying and speaking):

30) Has there been any movement of Objects:

31) Has there been any levitations:

32) Have there been any uncommon cold or hot spots:

33) Have there been any problems with electrical appliances (tv, lights, kitchen appliances, doorbells, etc):

34) Have there been any problems with plumbing (leaks, flooding, sinks, toilet bowls):

35) Any Occupants having Nightmares or Trouble Sleeping:

36) Have there been any Physical or Sexual Attacks:

37) Are your Pets Affected:

38) When was the first Occurance of Phenomena:

39) What was the Witnesses reaction during Phenomena:

40) How Long was the Duration of the Phenomena:

41) Who first Witnessed the Phenomena:

42) Were there any other Witnesses:

43) What Time was the first occurance of the Phenomena:

44) How often does the Phenomena Occur:

45) Do the Occupants feel the Phenomena is Threatening:

46) What do the Occupants believe is happening (is it supernatural):

47) Do all the Occupants Agree on what is happening:

All information provided here will be kept confidential and be used for evaluation purposes only...