We are an Ohio Based Research Organization located in Northeast Ohio. Dedicated to the research and documentation of Paranormal Activities and Hauntings.

We research folklore, hauntings, ghost sightings and other Paranormal Activities reported to us by people just like yourself.

Most people think that ghosts do NOT exist. After years of research we have come to the conclusion that ghosts and entity's do in fact exist and walk among us every day. It is our mission to continue our investigations and document their existence and to understand their behavior. We have found that there are no certain times of the day when we have captured images and or recordings of their nature. It is not true that everything happens at the stroke of midnight, ie; the Witching Hour. That is an old wives tale. We have seen and heard and recorded data at all times of the day and night. Most of our investigations are in the daylight hours, although we do our share of night time work also. It stands to reason that if they are present during the day that they are present during the night. There is no right or wrong time for a ghost to appear or for a haunting to occur. And we hope that our website will open your mind to Paranormal Activities.

We dedicate a good portion of our time to this research, why? Because we all believe that there is something more after death than what we are taught. We all hope to be able to answer the ultimate question, What is there after death?

We use several different types of high end equipment to document and locate ghostly activities, not limited to the fact that we also take 1000's of photographs and hours of audio recordings. A lot of time and patience goes into this effort. We don't always find what we are looking for the first time out, it may take years to finally catch what we are investigating. It is a dedicated process. While most of us in the group work full time jobs, we manage to do investigative work on a daily basis and we are all very dedicated to finding the truth.

Ghosts and Hauntings are VERY REAL and we treat them as such. Don't be embarrassed our think you are going crazy because you are not alone. Thousands of sightings or hauntings take place on a daily basis through out the world. We have provided a Investigation Request Form on the site and if you are experiencing paranormal activity and would like for us to investigate it, please fill out the form and we will get in touch with you.

We DO NOT preform exorcisms, seances or do blessings. Our field is to document and prove their existence.

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