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Agent: A human being, typically a teenage female, who unknowing directspoltergeist energy.

Altered State of Consciousness (ASC): Any state of consciousness that is differentfrom "normal" states of waking or sleeping.

Amulet: An object that has the power to ward off ghosts and evil spirits.

Angel: Benevolent spiritual beings who help and watch over people.

Apparition: The disembodied soul or spirit that can be seen visually.

Apport: When a solid object seemingly appears from out of nowhere, with the help of the spirits in the presence of a medium.

Asport: When a solid object is teleported to a different location with the help of thespirits in the presence of a medium.

Astral Body: The soul of an individual projected outside of their bodies.

Astral Projection: See Out-Of-Body (OBE).

Atmospheric Apparition: Not actually a ghost or spirit, but instead a "visualimprint" of people and events that was left behind in the environment that continuesto replay.

Aura: A field of energy believed by some to surround living creatures.

Automatic Writing: A type of communication with ghosts or spirits where theytake control over the writer's hand and write out a message.

Automatism: An unconscious or spontaneous muscular movement caused byghosts or the spirits. Automatic Writing is one form of Automatism.

Banshee: Omen spirits of Scotland and Ireland.

Channeling: A form of spirit communication where an unseen entity possesses a medium in a controlled environment to impart guidance, wisdom or future events.The channeled entity could be a deceased human being, an Angel, Demon,Elemental or other higher plain spirit.

Charms: A spell or object possessing magic power.

Clairvoyance: Either an internal or external vision of present or future events,objects, places, and people.

Cold Reading: A psychic reading given with no prior knowledge of the sitter.

Collective Apparition: A ghost or spirit sighting simultaneously by more than one living person.

Collect Unconscious: Form of analytical psychology developed by Carl lung. It is the collective memory of all the humanity's past and is held somewhere inside theunconscious mind.

Crisis Apparition: Ghosts that appear to loved ones and close friends just before orsoon after their death.

Cross Correspondence: Information received from the spirit world.

Crossroads: Point where two roads intersection. Said to be a focus point ofsupernatural energy.

Death Bed Apparitions: See Crisis Apparition.

Demon: Fallen angels associated with evil.

Direct Voice Phenomenon (DVP): The voice of a ghost or spirit being spoken tothe sitters of a seance. The voice usually comes from some point near the medium,but not through the medium. Sometimes a spirit horn or trumpet is used.Direct Writing: When ghost or spirit's handwriting appears directly on a previouslyunmarked, unwritten surface.

Drop-In Communicator: A ghost, spirit or entity that makes its presence known at aseance.

Dowsing: The paranormal detection of underground water or mineral deposits ( orlost persons and objects) using a divining rod or pendulum.

Dybbuk: A Jewish legend. The restless soul of a deceased human being that entersthe body of a living person and takes possession.

Earth Lights: Luminous phenomena typically shaped in ball form or irregularpatches of light appearing randomly and defying explanation.

Ectoplasm: Ectoplasm can be either a solid, liquid or vaporous substance producedby ghosts or spirits, It is usually a milky white color and has an ozone smell. Someforms of ectoplasm are known to move in lifelike patterns.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP): EVP is the attempt to capture a ghost orspirits voice on audio recording tapes. Typically there is no voice heard to thepeople present in the recording but after reviewing the tapes there are strange voicesrecorded.

Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) Detectors: Handheld scientific instruments thatcan pick up electronic and magnetic fields over different frequencies. They can readchanges and distortions in the normal electro-magnetic fields.

Elemental Spirit: A spirit associated with one of the classical four elements (fire,earth, air and water).

Energy Vortex: see Ectoplasm.

Extrasensory Perception (ESP): The acquisition of information by means beyondthe five human senses.

Exorcism: A religious rite used to cast out a ghost, spirit or entity from a livingpersons body or a particular location.

Exorcist: A religious "holy man" who conducts an exorcism.

Fairy: Small, human-like mythical being. May be benevolent or malevolent.

False Awakening: An experience in which a person believes he or she has wokenup, but actually is still dreaming.

Family Apparitions: Ghosts that haunt one particular family. Their appearance usally means that someone within the family is about to die.

Focal Person: Person who is at the center of poltergeist activity.

Ghost: The visual appearance of a spirit or soul of a deceased being, human oranimal. The disembodied soul or lifeforce.

Ghost Catcher: A wind chime like device that makes noise as a ghost or spiritpasses by it.

Ghost Hunt: An attempt made by the living to find and see a ghost or spirit.

Ghost Hunter: A living individual who searches out and sometime finds andidentifies ghosts and spirits.

Ghost Investigation: A scientific endeavor, in a controlled environment, set up tocommunicate, record, and capture visual evidence of the existence of ghosts.

Ghost Lights: See Earth Lights.

Ghostbuster: A living person who can remove an unwanted ghost, spirit, entity orpoltergeist activity from a particular location.

Ghoul: Evil spirit or monster that robs graves and feeds off of the flesh of the dead.

Gray Lady: The ghost of a woman who has died at the hands of a lover or waitsfor the return of a loved one.

Guardian Angel: An angel believed to protect the individual.

Halloween: All Hallows Eve, is the night of October 31 st when the spirit and nor-mal world allegedly become one.

Hallucination: A false and distorted perception of reality.

Haunt: A place where a ghost or ghosts frequently return.

Haunting: The continuous manifestation of inexplicable phenomena associatedwith the presence of ghosts or spirits attached to a particular location.

Haunted Objects: Jewelry, furniture, clothing, etc, that seem to be haunted by a past owner or have been cursed.

Hypnotism: An induced trance or sleep state.

Ley Lines: Invisible lines that run between sacred objects or locations.

Levitation: The paranormal raising or suspension of an object or person.

Lucid Dreams: A dream where the dreamer does not know that they are dreaming.

Luminous Phenomena: The experience of strange lights or glows, often aroundobjects or people.

Magnetometer: A technical device used to study the strength, direction andfluctuation or magnetic fields.

Marian Apparition: The appearance of the Virgin Mary.

Materialization: The manifestation of physical objects, animals or people.

Medium: A person with a gift to communicate with ghosts and spirits on behave ofthe living.

Modern Apparitions: "New" Ghosts of deceased individuals. They appear infashion from the current time.

Near-Death Experience (NDE): A phenomenon in which a person clinically diesor comes very close to death only to be revived and then can recall in great detailstories of spiritual worlds and other supernatural events.

Necromancer: A person usually considered a wizard or sorcerer, who can raise thedead and command the spirits to obtain information about the future.

Necromancy: A form of prophecy preformed by a necromancer.

Omen: A foretelling of a future event.

Oracle: A seer who can communicate with ghosts, spirits and Gods to obtaininformation.

Orb: A mass of energy in the shape of a ball, there are several classifications depending on size, ghostly appritions are usally always associated with an orb and are present.

Ouija Board: A board with letters and numbers used by people who are attempting to communicate with ghosts or spirits.

Out-Of-Body (OBE): Also called Astral Projection. The phenomenon in which aliving person's spirit can exit their body, travel the earth and other spiritual worldsand then return back to their bodies.

Paranormal: Beyond the normal.

Parapsychology: The scientific study of unusual events associated with the humanexperience and PSI subjects.

Percipient: A living person who sees a ghost, spirit or paranormal event.Phantom Animals: Ghosts of deceased animals.

Phantom Hitchhiker or Traveler: A ghost or spirit that haunts a particular stretchof road or route. Phantom Hitchhikers ask for rides only to suddenly disappearwhen they reach their destination.

Photographic Apparitions: Ghosts and spirits that you can't see, but appear inphotographs after they are developed.

Planchette: A pointer used with a Ouija Board to communicate with ghosts,spirits or higher plane entities.

Poltergeist: "Noisy Ghost." Poltergeists are invisible masses of spirit energy thatmay or may not be connected to a living human Agent. Some of the most commonpoltergeists activities include loud unexplained noise, levitations, the moving ofobjects, and electrical problems.

Possession: When a persons mind and body are taken over by ghosts, spirits orother supernatural entities such as demons.

Precognition: The paranormal awareness of future events.

PSI: A general term used to denote the unknown factors responsible for a variety ofparanormal phenomena.

Psychic: Popular term used to denote a person who regularly uses, or who appearsto be especially gifted with, psi abilities.

Psychic echo: When sounds from the past have mysteriously recorded themselvesinto the natural environment.

Psychokinesis (PK): Mind Movement. Psychokinesis (PK) is the apparent abilityto influence the environment by intention alone.

Purgatory: The place where the souls of those who have died must go to becleansed of all their sin before they can be admitted to Heaven.

Radio Voice Phenomenon (RVP): The voice of a ghost or spirit communicatingthrough a regular radio.

Reciprocal Apparition: An experience where both the agent and the ghost or spiritsee and react to each other.

Recurring Apparitions: Ghosts or spirits that appear in regular cycles, usuallyonce a year, on the anniversary of their dead for example.

Reincarnation: The belief that a soul can be reborn into a new body after death.

Repressed Psychokinetic Energy: A theoretical psychic force unconsciouslyproduced by an individual while undergoing a physical or mental trauma.

Retrocognition: Paranormal knowledge of past events.

Scrying: A type of prophecy where an individual can see future events by staringinto a shiny or reflective surface, such as a mirror or crystal ball.

Seance: The gathering of a group of individuals for the purpose of communicatingfor the ghost of the dead.

Sensitive: Someone who is aware or can detect paranormal events beyond the rangeof their five human senses.

Screaming Skulls: Human skulls that protest with poltergeist activity when theirfinal wishes are not fulfilled.

Shaman: A witch doctor or medicine man who communicates with spirits while in atrance and who has the power of healing.

Sixth sense: Popular term for ESP.

Sleep Paralysis: A frightening state of seeming to being awake but unable to move.

Soul: The spiritual life force or essence, carrying an individual's personality andconsciousness of all actions.

Spectre: A ghost or apparition.

Spirit: Often used to define the soul of a person, but it can also be used to representplaces such as sacred lakes or objects, shrines, and elemental entities.

Spirit Detection: The reading made by scientific equipment (EMF Detectors,Temperature changes, etc.) when a ghost or spirit is present.

Spirit Photography: Photographs of figures or faces, believed by some to be thoseof deceased persons.

Spirit Profile: Researching the background and history of the ghost or spirit, thendetermining it's consistent patterns as a result of the findings.

Spiritualism: Belief systems that ghosts and spirits can and do communicate withthe living.

Spook Lights: See Earth Lights.

Stigmata: Unexplained markings on a person's body that correspond to the woundsof Christ.

Super-ESP: A more powerful form of telepathy that allow certain individuals topick up information about a deceased person from other living people.

Supernatural: Something that exists of occurs through some means other than anyknow force in nature or science.

Time-Slips: Moments where the past and present collide at one point.Telepathy: Mind-to-mind communication.

Telephone Calls From The Dead: When a person receives a telephone call fromsomeone who is dead. The person may or may not know that the caller is deceased.

Teleportation: Paranormal transportation of an object from one location to another, even throgh solid objects.

Transportation Apparitions: The appearance of ghostly cars, trucks, ships,bicycles, carriages, trains, airplanes and anything else that carry people. They haunttheir old routes.

Vampire: A supernatural creature (undead) that can only come out at night andlives by drinking the blood of the living.

Vortex: A opening or doorway between our world and the spirit world.

Wild Hunt: A group of ghost horsemen or packs of ghostly dogs see at night.

Witch: A women with supernatural powers.

Wraith: A ghost that comes back to avenge its own death. Considered an omenspirit.